KlearGear Told To Pay $306750 For Bogus Attempt To Shakedown Customer

KlearGear Told To Pay 6750 For Bogus Attempt To Shakedown Customer
We've been covering the story of Kleargear for a while now. As you may recall, the company sneakily put a $ 3,500 "non-disparagement clause" in its online terms of service, saying that you agreed to pay that much if you gave the company a negative review.
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Tidemark Taps Sales, Strategy and Customer Success Executives from Oracle
"We've added Bud, Steve and Mark to strengthen our leadership team from a sales, strategy and customer success standpoint – and we're benefiting from decades of enterprise and management experience from executives who have consistently been top …
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Decision Time: Which Kind Of Cloud Buyer Is Your Customer?
2ndWatch, a leading cloud services provider, has released its latest survey in which 400 IT professionals weighed in on the decision-making process for adopting cloud technologies. The online survey queried respondents over a two-week period about …
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The Customer Success Mindset
All smart SaaS business are beginning to invest in Customer Success but it's not just something you can throw a few dollars and bodies at. Customer Success starts with a mindset, and that mindset has to permeate throughout your entire organization.
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